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Fluid Warming Cabinets

Blanket Warming Cabinets:

Contrast Media Cabinets

Combi-Fluid/Blanket Warming Cabinets


The natural extension to this range are the MedWarm patient warming, and Hico patient cooling products. Warming blankets and mattresses come in different sizes and configurations to warm from premature babies right through to adults in the operating theatre. The range also  includes models for keeping patients warm  in transit between theatre and the ward or even in emergency situations. Patient cooling matresses and blankets provide optimum temperature regulation such as when undergoing surgery or when requiring intensive care.

We also supply equipment for hospital blood transfusion laboratories, such as blood bank refrigerators and platelet incubators.

Our UK factory manufactures an extensive range of laboratory ovens and incubators as well as industrial and high temperature ovens.



New: QED Exclusive!

CRT Storage Cabinets for storing medicines below 25°C:

Patent Pending:Application Number:GB1516986.5: NOV 2015


The manufacturing of temperature sensitive drugs has grown over the years and CRT storage 15° C to 25º C has become an important temperature range. In order to tighten up on how medicines within this range are stored  – the global supply chain – saw revising standards change in numerous countries. However – adhering to CRT manufacture guidelines presents many challenges as current temperature management such as air-conditioning,  and logging data can prove both expensive and time-consuming.


QED has provided a cost-effective solution to storing controlled temperature drugs with a comprehensive range of CRT storage cabinets.




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